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I’ve been writing and sharing my life on the Internet for a really long time. My blog is where I share longer form content — room tours of our house, travel guides, longer journal-like entries about life and motherhood, etc. My personal Instagram @luckyandi has shifted around, from flowers and San Francisco adventures to mostly photos of my daughters and our home. But there’s so much more on my mind that *just* that. I often feel ‘boxed in’ on Instagram and have been craving an outlet for sharing a brain dump of what’s happening in my/our life lately - a place where I can share a little bit of everything, all at once.

This newsletter will be where I share a round-up of life lately - what I'm enjoying, reading, learning, buying, doing, thinking about, and more. It’ll be a mix of motherhood reflections, personal stories and photos, mental/emotional health updates, plant and home decor tips, blog posts round-ups, travel ideas, products I recommend, brand marketing tips and tricks, articles I enjoyed, quotes that resonated, and really anything else that comes to mind.

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